I had a good feeling yesterday and took off for Bluefin with no live report. It was a slow day to start, but ended up good. We got 3 under bluefins and 1 over for a days limit.

Live offshore fishing report 7-97:10:45 AM

Started inshore today. Sunny and light winds. Water is 75.6 clean green. Catch a dolphin and 2 Yellowfins so far. Lots of boats
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: SSW

Lat: N 38°10’44.3316″
Lon: W 74°14’03.8580″

Live offshore fishing report 7-98:27:30 AM

Catch another single Yellowfin. Hard to find multiple bites. Ugg
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: WNW

Lat: N 38°11’31.3008″
Lon: W 74°14’18.4560″

7:40:45 PM


Tough day we managed to finish day with 4 Yellowfins and a dolphin. Getting ready to start fishing our overnighter. Northern canyon tonight
Speed: 25.16 mph
Course: ESE

Lat: N 38°20’37.9428″
Lon: W 73°39’03.1068″

Live offshore fishing report 7-9