6:04:30 AM

Not much going on last night. We caught a yellowfin and released a mako. We are trying our luck in the Hot Dog now. The water is rough now. NNW wind blowing 20 knots

Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: NNW

Lat: N 38°09’07.0776″
Lon: W 74°13’36.8976″


7:34:15 AM

We are doing better on the troll now. We are picking up a few nice yellowfins. Have a handful in the box.  Water is 72.7 degrees and clean green color

Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: N

Lat: N 38°11’07.1196″
Lon: W 74°14’30.3540″

Live offshore fishing report hot dog

9:07:15 AM

Caught a couple more 50-60lb yellowfins. We are in 24 fathomas and the conditions are still rough.

Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: W
Lat: N 38°11’39.1020″
Lon: W 74°14’51.9828″


9:55:00 AM

Still in same area, trolling in 24 fathoms. Seas are a little rough – 4 to 6 feet. We have 2 handfuls of keeper yellowfins in the 50lb range. Winds still NW

Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: WNW

Lat: N 38°10’56.5788″
Lon: W 74°14’27.6468″

1:16:15 AM

Was getting to come in. Detour just saved 3 guys on a small Center console They safe on boat. Trying to save the boat now. In tow.  Waiting on USCG. To help situation

Speed: 6.91 mph Course: WNW
Lat: N 38°11’54.8988″ Lon: W 74°15’44.9748″


12:42:00 PM


All good. 3 guys are safe I’m running them in. USCG on scene dealing with the boat. Try our luck again tomorrow
Speed: 26.03 mph
Course: W
Elevation: 34.32 ft.
Batt: Normal
Lat: N 38°15’38.6460″
Lon: W 74°37’17.3280″