Being in the Right place at the right time and aware of your surroundings is what can make a you a really good fishermen. We always try to stay aware of our surroundings as you may find clues for a good day on the water. This past week it may have saved a mans life.

Capt John and the crew of “That’s Right” found a guy stuck out on Alligator Light house, he said he was on his Kayak when he got caught up in the big front we had the other day which caused him to battle rough seas and plenty of wind. Needless to say he lost his Kayak and had to swim to the Light House which is about 4 miles from the shoreline. He told us that he had been stuck out there all night (which btw was an ugly night} and we just happened to see him from about a mile away waving us down. I proceeded to call the USCG who in return came right out to get him off the Light house and back to shore. All were safe and sound. We are just glad we were aware of our surroundings and was able to see him from the Light house trying to wave us down.









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