Late March April and May can be fantastic for Tarpon in Islamorada FL. Chasing the Silver Kings and bowing to their awe inspiring glory should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Capt Ron is Gearing up for the Silver King:
Night Time Tarpon Fishing
After a trip out shrimping the other morning I’ve been thinking about tarpon ! The reason is the whole time we were there , tarpon were blasting the shrimp . It was impressive just explosion after explosion ! Danny ( my son) said we should be tarpon fishing my reply was we don’t use tarpon for catching shrimp ! But I couldn’t help thinking he was right I would of loved to put some poons in the air. Any way there already starting to show signs of a good upcoming tarpon season it is gonna be great . Evening and nights and early mornings are gonna be best times and I’m really looking forward to seeing my customers bowing to the silver king with big grins .

Tarpon Special:
One night trip for 6ppl in 2 boats for 4hrs,
One morning trip for 6ppl in 2 boats for 4hrs.
One Full day 8hr Fun Trip on “Pretty Work”
5 night stay at our 3 Bedroom Cottage with sleeping for 6
$699 per angler based on 6ppl

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