Capt Ron had a few trips the last few days. The Back Country fishing has been very good on the Snapper and the Spanish Mackerel.

02-07-2012 Time to take the 22 Mako in for a good check up at Markey’s Marine, before Tarpon season is upon us. Routine Maintenance for the 22, keep it running good just for you.

02-06-2013 Pirate For Hire Charters, Captain Ron Brack fishing with Steve, Chris and Dave we caught a Sand Shark, lots of Spanish Mackerel, Good Snapper, Bunch of Blue fish, Lady Fish, and Jack Creavele

02-04-2013 Pirate For Hire Charters , Captain Ron Brack fishing with Greg and Amy from
Atlanta, Georgia. It was a half day Fly Fishing trip, we ran out back for a little fly casting, caught Trout, and Lady Fish. It was another beautiful day in The Florida Keys, the wind has subsided to just a breeze.

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