There are 2 types of pompano found in Florida waters. The Florida Pompano and the African Pompano, which is the larger of the 2. They are excellent eating.

African Pompano –

scientific name is ‘Alectic ciliaris’,        also called Cuban jack, Atlantic threadfin, threadfin, pennantfish, cobblerfish, pompano and Jacks

The All Tackle world record is 50lb 8oz caught in Daytona Beach in 1990.  This is also the Florida record. The minimum size in Florida is 24 inches fork length. There is no Closed season and the limit is 2 per boat.

They prefer water in the 65 to 86 Fahrenheit range. They are found around flotsam, weedlines, FADs and near wrecks and reefs.

Fishing  by drifting or anchoring over structure using small live bait, squid or shrimp. Jigging over reefs and wrecks is also very effective.

They are good fighters that try to head for structure and obstructions on the sea bed. they tend to strike fast with a powerful hit,

Upper body is silver with blue-green glow.Sides and belly silvery are white. They have Sloping head with soft flesh around the mouth.and also Very long and transparent dorsal and anal fins.


Florida  Pompano

 CARANGIDAE FAMILY; also called pompano, common pompano, Carolina pompano Florida pompano 

They are found from Massachusetts to Florida and are smaller than the African Pompano. The world record is  8lbs 4oz caught in Port St Joe (also the Florida record). Minimum size is 11 inches fork length and there is no closed season.

They are usually found in shallower water. They are often confused with permit. Pompanos are very good as a food fish with flaky white flesh.


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