Tuna fishing in Ocean City, Md was a little slow at the end of June. The weather was a big problem. The weather is getting better and the tuna are around. On the 2nd we got some nice dolphin and a couple of white marlin.

We got a few tuna on the 4th and then were blown out fo 3 days. First no wind, the too much wind.

Had 4 guys fill in for a cancellation on the 10th. Had a pretty good day with some tuna and dolphins.

We fishind the Ocean City Tuna Tournament on the 13th and 15th. Our kllady angler had the 1st place tuna with a 68 lb yellowfin and also had a 24lb dolphin. She won the ladies angler 1st place.

Fished inshore on the 16th and caught some ywllowfin and a 125lb bluefin. Now we are facing two days of bad weather.

7-20  Back out again but things are a little slow. Have gotten some dolphin and a fewnice yellowfins. Problem seems to be that we have a good catch early in the day and then it just disappears.

Ocean City yellowfin fishing

Open bpoat dates

These will be our last Open Boat trips until late August early September. I need 3 more for Aug 1st and we will offer a trip on August 11th a Saturday!!!! $300 per person. If you can make it work please hit me up 305-481-6527

I would like to take a minute and let all know that “That’s Right” is official up for sale. The reason for this move is to allow me to have a new Boat built!! I’m not done nor am I finished Charter fishing. Just wanted all to know, I certainly don’t need any false rumors going around.

thats rightIt’s been a tough month weatherwise. We lost 9 or 10 days due to weather. Fishing has been spotty, some very good days and some days with just a couple. We have had some dolphin and bluefins when we have been able to sneak out.


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