Snapper Fishing in Islamorada, Florida is fun for the whole family. Fishing on the reefs provides a lot of action and will keep the kids busy. It makes a great family outing and J&A Charters is well prepared to give you a great day.

Even the most experienced fishermen will have a fun filled day of action. One of the great things about snapper fishing is that it is open year round, except for red snapper. Red snapper is closed in Federal waters (more than 3 miles from shore).

The snappers we catch in Islamorada are red snapper, Mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, lane snapper and yellowtail snapper. Most snapper fishing is done on the reefs. There is a large natural reef system off of Islamorada. There are smaller patch reefs and there are reefs offshore in deep water.

Snappers in the Atlantic are limited to 10 per person per day regardless of type. Each type also has its own limit. All snappers are open year round in the Atlantic.  Gulf regulations are more restrictive. All boats fishing the reefs must have a dehooking device.

Red Snapper

Atlantic limit 2 per person Open year round inside 3 miles, closed outside 3 miles (Federal Waters) . 20 inch total length minimum in state waters.

Gray and mangrove Snapper

Atlantic Limit  5 per person (but only 10 snappers of all species total) 10 inches minimum

Cubera snapper

10 per person. May only have 2 over 30 inches per vessel.  12 inch minimum Lane snapper

 10 per day with an 8 inch minimum

Vermillion snapper

5 per person (not counted in the 10 total) 12 inch minimum.”

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