Islamorada January 6 fishing Dolphin

Dolphin fishing in Islamorada is great fun. Call us at 1-855-GOT-Bait to get a charter.

Mahi-mahi are known by several different names. In South American and Mexico they are often called dorado. Many people call them dolphin , but it causes confusion. Most people think of dolphin as the mammal, known as a bottle-nosed dolphin or porpoise but we are discussing a fish so we will use mahi. Other people use the term dolphinfish to distinguish them from the mammal.

islamorada fishing dec.Mahi-mahi is said to mean strong-strong in Hawaiian . This is probably true as they are great fighters when caught.They are probably the most beautifully colored of all the pelagic fish. If you have seen a picture of a mahi after it is dead, you haven’t seen the true colors. They are distinguished by dazzling colors: golden on the sides, and bright blues and greens on the sides and back. In the water, the colors are brilliant. It is a sight you have to see for yourself, as the colors fade when the fish dies.

The male fish of this species are known as bulls while the female fish are known as cows. The males have a protruding forehead and present a menacing look. The females have a rounded forehead.

They generally are surface feeders and gather around pot markers and debris in the water. If found around floating debris, tossing  some bait in the water will draw them out to feed. They re great fun and great eating. Call us at 1-855-GOT-Bait to get a charter.

They often jump during a fight and are fun to watch.

Mahi are great eating. They have firm white flesh and a slightly sweet flavor. It does not have a fishy taste and works well with different sauces and coatings. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are considered a sustainable seafood by most sources.They is no bad way to prepare mahi mahi. They are great grilled, baked, fried and in cerviche. Many restaurants feature mahi sandwiches on their menu.

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