Swordfish caught during an Offshore Day/Night Swordfishing Trip in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys Swordfishing has become quite good over the past several years. This increase in our Swordfish stock is directly related to the closure of the commercial fishery for Swordfish in the Gulfstream. We offer both daytime and nighttime swordfish charters. Often you catch more fish during the evening when the swords come up in the water column to feed on squid and bait fish. The swords live on the bottom during the day which requires fishing from 800 to 2000′ feet deep! This is quite an experience and something you must witness first hand to believe. Often the bite is almost instant when you hit the bottom with your squid, mackerel, or strip bait.

If things continue on their present track, the Florida Keys is likely to offer one of the best shots in the world at catching swordfish. It is almost a sure thing already, and the next couple years should only see the swordfish stock continue to increase. Come give us a ring if you are interested in experiencing the thrill of a Florida Swordfish Charter! For swordfishing trip rates, please visit our Florida Keys Charter Rates page.

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