The Boys down in the Keys have been hard at it over the past few days. Fishing has been for the most part good, some struggles on certain species. If your looking for a bend in the rod there is plenty of that going on.

Yellowtails on the reef, we have been catching our limits some days quicker than others.

Tarpon are around Capt Jeff had a night trip this week had a few bites got one to come tight but she decided after a few jumps she didn’t like that game so much and she broke off. They had there bites on live bait, a live pilchard for that matter. Although they had a smorgasbord of baits including crabs, mahi bellies, yellowtail racks, the only thing they decided to eat was the livies

Mahi-Mahi have been consistent we start looking for weeds and debris from 300ft and beyond some of the better flotsam has been in 500 to 600ft of water. We have been using a variety of live and dead bait. Live hoo’s have done pretty well for us

For the kids the cudas and the jacks can be a blast and we messed with them a few days to keep the kids entertained.
The Keys are still going strong, so nothing better than spending a nice day on the water, catching fish

07/21/2011 Capt Jeff Report

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