Capt Jeff had the 33cc out for a Back Country Gulf of Mexico Trip. Connor Mullett and his two sons just wanted a bend in the rod with a variety of species. So jeff went out to a couple shallow wrecks no deeper than 30 to 50ft of water. They chummed up the Mangrove snappers and had a ball catching and releasing with some very nice mangroves as they did not want to bring anything back today Most of the mangroves ate cut bait shrimp and bally. After they had their fill on the wreck, Jeff moved them into some shallower water and chummed up some sharks for the boys, they used chunks of jacks they caught earlier for bait and also some live pinfish. Several Nurse sharks in the 80 to 100lb range were released, a few lemon sharks in the 50 to 70lb range also released. The kids had a rare treat as they could catch non stop on the small rods with smaller hooks baby Black tips less than 10 or 12 days old literally non stop.

The day was very nice, sea conditions were flat, slight breeze so it wasn’t stiffling. An absolute beautiful day in the Florida Keys.

Shark and Wreckfishing Islamorada 07/12/2011

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