It’s getting closer to the Holidays and it’s also getting COLD! Burr!!! Fishing has been pretty good down here for the last week as the weather has been good to up until Monday. Wow…highs in the 50’s and even colder on Tuesday and Wednesday! Fishing has been steady with the Sailfish showing up most every day with guys getting anywhere from 4 to 8 shots a day. Capt. Clyde caught four out of five sails on Sunday. He also did some reef trips with the Pretty Work and managed to find the Yellowtails biting rather well along with some nice Mutton Snappers. The deeper waters yielded some nice King mackerels caught on the down rigger with live cigar minnows. Capt. Clyde also fished the Back country as did Capt. Jeff and they both found some great action with the Redfish and Trout. They also both reported plenty of Jacks, Ladyfish and a few shots at Snook.

On That’s Right we fished a few days ourselves; mostly reef and shallow patch fishing for us. We had great family groups so we know how to keep the kids busy. The Yellow tails allowed everybody in on the action with nice two pound fish that are great for dinner. The Red Groupers found their way into the chum slick every trip. Plenty of shorts, mostly 15 to 19 inch fish with a keeper mixed in there every now and then. These are great fighting fish on the light tackle. The Dads found pretty good action on the Gotcha lures with plenty of Ceros’ and an occasional Mutton or two. The Mangrove snappers are just about gone, after this cold front that should do it for them. We did get to enjoy them for a short time though. Speaking of Cold fronts this one here should get things moving in an uphill direction. The Sailfish should be coming down in better numbers and the Mackerels should really start snapping on all the 130 foot spots. The reef fishing also should stay productive with Yellowtails and Muttons.

On a final note the Moorhead, NC Giant Bluefin report is a good one. In the last several days several boats have started to fish….OK here is a recap. The RESTLESS LADY has got the first couple of days in. They tell me the first killed fish was Nov 29th; then one on the 30th, as the fleet has gathered a total of 25 boats that fished Saturday. The totals were five fish confirmed to the docks and at least 18 total hooked. The water is moving just right as well as the bait. Expect more bites each day now as the water temps reach 57-63 degrees in the right spots just nine miles to fifteen miles out. The bites have been from the sea buoy to the big ten. The fleet is waiting for what looks like Wednesday to be the next day with good conditions.

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