Action in the Keys just off the reefs and around the humps is steadily getting better. Floating debris can be a big find along with weed patches. Some decent Mahi Mahi have been caught by the crew of the Pretty Work. Blackfin tuna have been in the mix amongst the skipjacks that have taken up residency on the humps just Off-Shore.

The Reefs are still producing greta catches of snapper, both Mangrove and Yellowtail.

Capt. Andrew Reports:
We had Deja Vu on saturday and sunday of the Holiday weekend. Blackfin tuna and lots of skipjacks on the 409 hump caught troling gotcha lures and on live cigar minnows. On Saturday we found about a dozen dolphin on the way out under some birds. Than on Sunday caught about 25 on a piece of debris on the way back in than stooped on the reef to catch 15-20 yellowtails and a handfull of mangrove snappers. We are experiencing beautiful weather this holiday weekend and it seems the weather is going to stay great for us so give us a call if your on your way to the Keys.

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