OCMD Offshore fishing report7-24

The waters were pretty sporty out there.  Fishing mostly with very light leaders. Makes it tough to get fish to the boat. We had fun anyway and got 5 tuna and 2 dolphin to the boat. Gonna take Tuesday off and rest

7-26.  We had Michele and her family out on the inshore grounds today. It was slow but we did get afew bites. We were able to bring home some 50lb yellowfins and a dolphin.


Ocean City fishing report tuna


We managed to get a few bites out there today. We got 3 nice sized fat yellowfins in the box. Bad weather coming for the weekend, so we probably will not fish

Ocean City fishing report tuna

Rough day out there. We had a lot of fun, but only had 2 tuna bites. We caught a bunch of large squid7-28 large squids , so I guess calamari is on the menu tonight.