Islamorada fishing has moved into full swing!! We had some winds to deal with all week, however, the fishing was outstanding. Both myself and Capt. Clyde have fished most of the week, both in the Backcountry and the Atlantic. Air temps are back in the 80’s and sea temperatures are back to normal in the mid 70’s with the visibility ranging from a little to good. The seas have been anywhere from 3 to 4 and some days 4 to 6, so the reef edge was pretty much where we stayed all week.

In the backcountry the Trout and Mackerels are biting like crazy. Capt Clyde had several really good days back there with Trout up to 6lb’s. He also spent a day or two staked up for the Bonefish and that has proven to be successful, both sight fishing and some on the Fly. He had 9 one day and 5 the next up to 8lbs. Wonderful fish to catch on light tackle. The Tarpon are slowly showing up but yet they’re not eating very well. In time this will change!

On the Atlantic side both the Pretty Work and That’s Right fished the reef edge and found an abundance of Yellowtails and the Kings are snapping once again. The Cigar minnows have shown back up and they have helped our days greatly. The kings have been pretty nice too… up to 30lbs. Capt. Clyde did manage to catch a 54lb on 12lb test on Thursday!! Also, the black Groupers are still around and they seem to be biting well too. The season opens May 1st so watch out. We let three go on Saturday and another two nice ones on Sunday. All were released alive and well. The Muttons are starting to move in from the deep and making a nice showing on some of the 60′ Patches. Not much to report on the Dolphins yet. Just a trickle of fish but probably after this moon they should begin to pour by us!!

On a final note I/WE would like to send our condolences to the Jackson family. My friend of 20 years passed away on Saturday in a diving accident. Bless them and I know Jimmy is safe. God bless.

Capt. John Oughton

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