Islamorada Januray fishing

January 6

The last few days have been great. There was a lot of action on the reefs. A lot of snappers. We released a few groupers as they are out of season.

Some sailfish are around and it should get better with a cold front  due to move in.

January 8th

Caught 1 or 2 today. Really rough. Can’t stay out long


January 14th

Last few days have been rough. Winds out of the NE at 20-25 mph. Even so we have caught a few sails and some king Mackerel

January 17th

Still rough. tough fishing conditions. But we have had some good fishing. We have gotten a few sails and the the mutton snapper fishing has been good.

On the inshore reefs,we have gotten some cero mackerel and nice sized yellow tails.

January 20th

Last few days have been great with a group of good guys to fish with.

Been fighting the green water lately , but we have gotten some great action. Some great action on the groupers. We released a couple of Goliath groupers and some red groupers. We can’t keep them , but they provide super action.

We came up with a bull shark and some king mackerels.  

The snapper fishing has been great. We also released some small mutton snappers.




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