Wow what an exciting and incredible week! The weather has been pretty much perfect and the fish have been rather happy to see us!

The Highlight of the week was this weekend when we had the opportunity to fish some VIP’s! Congressman and Speaker of the House John Boehner and his staff Kevin and Tim, along with Congressman Tom Latham from Iowa. The trips were great, plenty of Dolphin and they stopped to do some bottom fishing and they found a few nice Red Groupers and an assortment of deep water snappers! It was a pleasure to have them aboard.

The Pretty Work had a great week with the Sail fish and some dolphin, on Tuesday and young boy caught his first Sail at the age of 9, along with his Mom!,Very exciting! Of coarse So over all we had a wonderful week and we are looking forward to what is looking like the beginning of a great season. The Sails have been pouring through, just some days they don’t want to bite.

On That’s Right we had a great time bottom fishing, plenty of action for the kids and young adults. We had Hog fish, Groupers and plenty of Yellowtail snappers. For us we had a special day with a gentleman that has been wounded while helping to protect our Nation, Mr Marick, lost an arm and leg as well as a number of other issues. Well you would have never known it! He did a great job, caught plenty of fish as well as two keeper Groupers!

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