Live Offshore Tuna fishing report 7-4

7:38:15 AM
Happy 4th of July

Came back to the spot we finished at yesterday. Great start catch an Over Bluefin a under and gaffer. Just let another over go. Light breeze
Speed: 6.27 mph
Course: S

Lat: N 37°42’04.5288″
Lon: W 74°52’09.2280″
Live Offshore Tuna fishing report 7-4


9:12:45 AM


Just released another over. Trying to find another under. 76 green water. No wind flat calm. 100 feet of water Perfect!
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: NE

Lat: N 37°42’06.1560″
Lon: W 74°51’34.0776″


10:07:00 AM


Just catch a Yellowfin 50lbs Slowed down s little divas wondering around looking
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: ENE

Lat: N 37°41’26.3688″
Lon: W 74°52’31.1628″

Live Offshore Tuna fishing report 7-411:00:00 AM


Catch another nice dolphin. Not seeing much though. Working back to starting point now
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: NW


Lat: N 37°41’43.0188″
Lon: W 74°49’41.5308″


11:43:45 AM


Good day. We are getting ready to head home and get ready for the fireworks tonight. Try our luck again tomorrow
Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: WNW

Lat: N 37°42’16.8876″
Lon: W 74°53’18.6720″

Wrap up
It was a little better today. Released several small bluefin and kept 1 . had a few gaffers and a yellowfin. Great day, partly sunny and flat calm.

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