What a great end of the year!! Fishing was outstanding! At times difficult but good times. Going to keep it short for the simple fact of the consistency of the week. Smoker Kings up to 40lbs and plenty in the 10 to 15lb range all caught on cigar minnows which at times were hard to come by. Several Sailfish caught and released, Capt Andrew produced his bites on live Ballyhoo. The weather has turned very COLD for us down here. I believe the next couple days it will be 42 and 37 degrees when we get up, OH BOY!!! Not sure what to expect! Bait will probably be tough and the reef fishing slow, however, the Mutton fishing should be good. Looking forward to that for sure as well as the Sailfishing should come alive so stay tuned! Thanks and Happy New Year.

Capt. John Oughton

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