The cold is gone, wow that was horrible! Fish floating and lots of bait dying off.

The fishing has been getting better as the week went on! The beginning of the week was hard going. The kings have been chewing their faces off and the rest of the Ocean was slow. However as we approached the end of the week not only did the weather improve so did the fishing.

The bait became much more catchable and the fish thawed out and boy they were hungry! The kings are still biting and we are looking forward to some real good Smoker King fishing, fish over 30lbs!! The Sailfish even started to bite. My buddy BC caught 17 on Saturday. Both the 50′ Evans and the 46′ Whiticar caught a handful over the weekend, was fun fishing. We even started to anchor down again on the reef edge to see if the dinner fish were going to eat. They did and it got really good too!!

The Yellowtails and Mutton snappers decided to bite very well. The Tails ranged about 2 to 3 pounds and the Muttons have varied from 8 to 18 pounds, real nice fishing!! The outlook this week is very good, we should start to see some Wahoo’s this week and the rest of the fishery should pick up big time. Can’t wait for the excitement of the upcoming weeks.

We will be fishing the Cheeca Sailfish tournament this weekend so hopefully we will have some great shots of some Sail dogs!!!! Also the Cobia have made an early showing with all the cold water in the backcountry the Cob’s have had to move back out front and they pushed out with a vengeance. It’s a little tough to get them to bite, however with a little patience you are able to trick one or two into eating.

Well that’s it for now. Stay tuned for an exciting week!! Thanks!

Captain John Oughton

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