OCMD tuna

Been pretty slow on the offshore grounds the last few days. No much going on. I had to stop and do some deep dropping on . We picked up a nice catch of tilefish to save the day.

On Wednesday we only got a dolphin fishing on the inshore grounds. We are going to go searching for new grounds.

On Friday, it was really hot especially since there was no breeze and a red hot sun all day. We picked up 2 tuna for the father and son teams first tuna ever.

OCMD tuna


Finally relief from the sun. Overcast skies offshore and some relief from the heat. We did well today with some yellowfins and a gaffer

tuna and a gaffer

7-23.   We got out today. Most boats stayed home due to the weather. We left at 5AM and found a nice little school of tuna. We had a great morning and got home in time for lunch.

offshore great catch

Numbers for 7-21

12:28:30 PM

7-21   Things are still slow. We picked up some yellowfins inshore chunking.  There were some yellowfins caught offshore on the troll. The marlins are starting to show up.

Speed: 0.00 mph
Course: N/A

Lat: N 38°20’43.3500″
Lon: W 74°24’57.2148″
721a 1

12:29:45 PM

Water temps very warm mostly 80 degrees. No wind and sunny hot weather hurting us right now. We catch 2 Tunas yesterday and have 2 today
Speed: 0.62 mph
Course: NE
Elevation: 1.05 ft.
Batt: Normal
Lat: N 38°20’43.4256″
Lon: W 74°24’57.1356″

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