Islamorada fishing report February parrotfish

The Islamorada fishing report for February was different , a few varieties of fish and some interesting conditions.

The water is getting cooler and we have been facing strong currents to the Northeast. The iunshore water has also been somewhat dirty. That slows down the reef fishing a little and it brings in more king mackerel. Every change seems to have a good and a bad side.

In the first week of February, we have seen mostly snappers and king mackerel. We caught a few sailfish, some grouper that we released and some parrotfish.

February 9

The reef has been tough lately. Hope the front coming in will improve things. The king mackerel has picked up and is now quite good. It keeps the rods bent.


February 14 fishing report

The weather has been great, but the action has been a little slow. Still we are holding our own and working hard to get good catches of Kings and snappers. A  few  barracuda around.

February 18

It’s been flat and sunny lately and fishing has picked up. Still getting some nice kings.. A few mutton snappers have shown up . The yellowtail fishing is good some days and not as good others. The currents have slowed down and the water is getting bluer. The dirty water is pretty much gone. Still getting some barracuda

February 24

Dirty green water, no bait and no current. Tough week to be fishing.

February 28..

We have been catching and releasing some nice groupers the last few days. The water is still dirty but we are getting plenty of snappers. 

The cero mackerel have moved into the shallow patches. They are great action on 10lb tackle.

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