11:10:30 AM

We started deep today to avoid the boat traffic. We are in the deep behind the Baltimore Canyon. We are 1 for 1 on white Marlin. I did hear of 1 boated so far

Speed: 8.21 mph
Course: NE

Lat: N 37°53’45.3948″
Lon: W 73°25’57.1116″

WMO offshore report

11:11:30 AM

We are moving north. Now up by the Spencer. There a a few tuna in the Baltimore. Chilly water up here, 74 degrees or less for the northern boats. Working hard.

Speed: 6.91 mph
Course: SE

Lat: N 37°53’45.3948″
Lon: W 73°25’51.1608″


12:45:15 PM


Pretty slow. Staying out in the deep today. Catch couple dolphins. Hoping for a big bite soon!
Speed: 7.56 mph
Course: NE 

Lat: N 37°52’28.5348″
Lon: W 73°22’25.1436″