2010-02-15 – Islamorada Weekly Recap
Islamorada is alive and well!! This week was spent staying warm once again, along with watching you folks up north getting pounded by the SNOW. It hurt us all because none of you could get south….it was a mess. However, we did manage to get out most of the week. Capt Clyde did several half day trips with pretty good action as well as Andrew & I on the 50’ Evans. The bait was very tough all week as the water temps inside the reef edge have cooled down once again to 68 degrees. Most of the week we had to use live hoos and it was a lot of work. The current up into the wind makes live bait very tough when anchored down. Capt Clyde did manage to catch some pilchards on the skiff and they did the trick for him. We liked using our live shrimp and cut baits and managed okay ourselves. We all had nice catches of King Mack’s up to 12lbs Not a lot of big ones this week as the water was dirty and cold. The reef action was very good earlier in the week to mid-week. Lots of Groupers, of coarse now that it’s closed, they need a break anyhow. The Yellowtails bit great all week, however over the weekend we received yet another Cold front and it shut the snappers right up. But the macks have continued to bite which has been nice for all. The sailfish have been hit or miss. It’s been pretty frustrating as they bite for two days and then they don’t; today they bit ok in the AM. Bait was also a little bit better over the weekend as we managed to get some frisky cigar minnows and boy did that help make the day go much easier! Stay warm and until next time……….

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