The fishing has been great on some fronts and Ok on others. The Mahi fishing has b een picking up pretty well as of late. Swordfishing is well swordfishing, sometimes you get um and sometimes you don’t. Monday we had Pete Roman back with us to add to his bucket list, we crossed off white marlin OC this past September and we were looking to cross off a sword, they pulled on off and that seemed to be the only shot they had at a sword. But being prepared paid off when some real nice Mahi showed up. The bull was a slob that was Over the 50lb mark a real trophy Mahi.

50lb Mahi

Reef’s, wrecks and the humps have been really good. With the opening of grouper season we have had some real nice fish hit the deck’s. The reef donkeys have been in full force as well and the amberjacks do not disappoint when it comes to the fight department.

The Fishing Remains hot and gets better all the time. Give us a shout.

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